Manufacturing Simulation
Manufacturing Systems are processing systems in which raw materials are transformed into finished products through a series of operations performed at workstations. In the rush to get new manufacturing systems onlibe, engineers and planners often become over preoccupied with the process, equipment and methods without fully considering overall coordination, integration and scheduling issues.

To achieve optimum performance in a manufacturing system, it is important to make intelligent design and management decisions. Simulation has proven to be the most effective tool in help to sort through the complex issues surrounding manufacturing decisions. As companies move towards greater integration and implementation of total manufacturing resource planning systems, simulation is an essential tool to effectively plan and control resources. Simulation helps evaluate the performance of alternative designs and the effectiveness of alternative production plans. The potential benefits of simulation in designing and managing manutacturing systems are many and encompass not only a broad spectrum of applications but also span a wide range of planning horizons.

Manufacturing Simulation

Optimize floor space, elevate bottlenecks, minimize machine down time, decrease operator idle time, and reduce inventory. Simulation software helps identify and solve problems in your factory or plant.

Production or Assembly Simulation

What if we added another machine? What if we moved this process over there? What if we had a new machine with less down-time in that station? What if this operator was in charge of both machines? Whether the plant is producing cereal or assembling automobiles, our simulation software can identify, explore, and value potential improvements.

Lean/Six Sigma Simulation

Simulation software helps to identify the seven wastes in your system. It can give insight in everything from the location and rate of inventory buildup to how a layout change affects the amount of operator or product movement. It can also show how a six sigma project that improves one part of the system will affect the rest of the system. If you have more questions about how simulation software has been used in systems that use lean or six sigma contact us.

Packaging Simulation

How does packaging affect our overall system? How should we design the new packaging area? How can we package more effectively? Packaging should be an efficient process that ensures your product adds value for your customer. Testing packaging in a native 3D environment helps you understand visually and statistically what is really happening.