FlexSim is simulation software that models, simulates, predicts, and visualizes systems in manufacturing, material handling, healthcare, warehousing, mining, logistics, etc. It is both powerful and user-friendly. FlexSim helps to optimize current and planned processes, identify and decrease waste, reduce cost, and increase revenue. At FlexSim Software Products our goal has been, and always will be, to create the best simulation software.

FlexSim Software Products, Inc.

FlexSim Software Products, Inc. (FSP) creates simulation software and provides simulation modeling services. As a high tech company, we are driven to create bold new advancements in simulation technology in terms of flexibility, ease-of-use, customization, 3D graphics, and more. We realize that you go into a simulation project with a need for answers. FlexSim Simulation Software (FlexSim) will meet and exceed your simulation needs. We’re here to help you succeed.

FSP was founded in 1993 by Bill Nordgren (Co-Founder Promodel Corporation, 1988), Roger Hullinger, and Cliff King, originally under the name F&H Simulations, Inc. F&H Simulations sold, supported, and conducted training courses for Taylor II simulation software – owned and developed by Holland’s F&H Simulation B.V (F&H Holland).

In 1998, F&H Holland developed the first generation 3D object oriented simulation engine Taylor ED (Enterprise Dynamics). F&H Simulations assisted with the development of robust objects for use in Taylor ED. In addition, F&H Simulations continued to sell, consult, and train in the new software.

In 2000, F&H Holland was purchased. F&H Simulations took that opportunity to become independent. Dr. Eamonn Lavery and Anthony Johnson joined to oversee product architecture and begin development of a new, next generation, 3D object oriented simulation software called FlexSim. F&H Simulations, Inc. changed its name to FlexSim Software Products, Inc.

FlexSim 1.0 was released in February 2003. It boasted a new state-of-the-art simulation engine, a 3D modeling environment, and seamless integration with C++ – all firsts in discrete event simulation. Since its release, FlexSim has become the standard by which discrete event simulation packages are judged.

Since then FlexSim Simulation Software continues to advance discrete event simulation technology. With enhancements in ease-of-use, improved performance, increased 3D capabilities, and greater extensibility, FlexSim continues to set the standard in cutting edge discrete event simulation software.

FlexSim Software Products is entirely focused on providing value to you and your business. We listen attentively to customer needs and invest the vast majority of our time and resources into simulation software development instead of marketing and advertising—all so our software can provide maximum value to our customers. Our active user base and knowledgeable technical support staff is ready and willing to help you make the most of your simulation software experience. We know you want answers about your business process, and we want to help you find them.

FlexSim Simulation Software

The next generation in discrete-event simulation software : FlexSim is a Windows®-based, object-oriented simulation environment for modeling discrete-event flow processes like manufacturing, material handling, and office workflow—in stunning 3D virtual reality.

  • Fully object-oriented with complete C++ integration
  • Models created graphically, using drag and drop
  • Amazing 3D virtual reality animation
  • Exceptionally intuitive, easy-to-learn interface
  • Unsurpassed flexibility and power

FlexSim GP - General Purpose Simulation Software - the most powerful tool for modeling, analyzing, visualizing, and optimizing any imaginable process - from manufacturing to supply chains, abstract examples to real world systems, and anything in between.

FlexSim HC HealthCare Simulation Suite – Designed specifically for medical professional, helps on streamline patient flow, plan facility layout, optimize emergency room, managing and improving existing facilities.

FlexSim EnergySim is a FlexSim module developed from Flexcon, which provides FlexSim the capability of calculating the energy consumption on a simulated system. It supports any type of energy or supply requested from a simulation object, while the simulation model is running.

FlexSim ErgoSim is a FlexSim module developed from Flexcon that supports, on top on the standard FlexSim simulation environment, Ergonomic data and use them for manual activities ergonomic assessment. It is aimed to support quick ergonomic analysis, extending current ergonomic application to the dynamic workplace analysis.

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Flexsim is the perfect tool to help engineers, managers, and decision makers visualize and test proposed operations, processes, or systems in dynamic. Its high-performance 3D open simulation engine and API also allows you to fully customize your own simulation environment.

Visualize in 3D

FlexSim simulation software was built from the ground up to give you a truly immersive 3D experience. There is no better way to see what is happening in your system than to build it in 3D.

Analyze your system

FlexSim’s powerful 3D graphics allow in-model charts and graphs to dynamically display output statistics. You can also interface with common spreadsheet and database applications to import and export data.

Experiment & optimize

Experience the predictive power of simulation with experimentation and optimization. FlexSim simulation software includes both a built-in experimenter tool as well as a fully integrated OptQuest® interface for intelligent optimization.

Ease of use

FlexSim is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Sensible interfaces and straight forward usage put FlexSim at the front of simulation software usability. Plus, enjoy multiple outlets to training, help, and the most active simulation community forum on the web.

Customize your modeling experience

No other simulation software compares to the level of customization that FlexSim provides. You can create your own classes, libraries, GUIs, or applications. FlexSim opens up what most competing products protect as source code.


FlexSim was designed to run on any modern Windows system, however, unique or complex modeling situations may carry additional hardware requirements. Click here to find more information on FlexSim’s hardware requirements. If you have specific questions regarding your hardware contact us.

Operating system: Windows XP (32 bit), Windows Vista, 7, 8 (32 or 64 bit)

CPU: Any modern2 Intel or AMD processor

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics hardware: NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics

Additional Software: .NET Framework3 (required) Visual C++4 (optional)

Additionally: working internet connection for license activation

  1. Most desktop and laptop computers produced in the last few years will have no problems running FlexSim. However, for the best experience, we recommend at least the minimum system specifications listed above.

  2.  Some modern low power processors, such as Intel’s Atom, have lower performance in highly demanding apps like FlexSim than mainstream desktop and notebook processors. Consequently, large simulations will take longer to complete on these low power CPUs.

  3.  FlexSim uses functionality provided by Microsoft’s .NET framework version 2.0 or higher. The .NET framework is already installed on most computers. It can be freely obtained from Microsoft Windows Update, or as a standalone download directly from Microsoft.

  4.  Microsoft’s Visual C++ can be used in conjunction with FlexSim to build compiled models or enhance system level functionality (OS, network, etc.). These features are optional, however. FlexSim does not require a compiler to build or run simulation models. Microsoft’s Visual C++ Express Edition is a free download from Microsoft Corporation.

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