FlexSim HC

Healthcare Simulation Software.

What does it do?

FlexSim HC allows you to analyze all of the components to patient outcomes and evaluate the impact they have on your healthcare system.

Who is it for?

FlexSim HC help healthcare organizations to be as efficient as possible without the risk of real-world experimentation.
HC Specific Simulation Environment Library designed for HC professional High Quality 3D  Visualization

This is the world’s most powerful, comprehensive, and easy-to-use simulation software designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by today’s healthcare facilities. FlexSim HC allows you to analyze all of the components to patient outcomes and evaluate the impact they have on your healthcare system, all in a patient-centered virtual environment. The solutions you find will be accurate, and will help your healthcare organization be as efficient as possible without the risk of real-world experimentation and without sacrificing the ability of practitioners to do what they do best: help patients get better.

Why Simulation in Healthcare?

It’s all about improving patient outcomes

Patient care outcomes. Those three words mean more today than at any other time in the history of modern healthcare. Outcomes drive the actions of the governing body, management, and physicians to provide the best care for a patient, at the lowest possible cost, and all while adhering to government regulations that affect the amount of reimbursement the healthcare organization will receive for their efforts.

Healthcare simulation isn’t just a tool: it’s a solution that makes such a daunting task much easier and less time consuming. It’s the ideal proving ground for a healthcare facility, a risk-free environment where some or all of a healthcare system can be modeled, tested, and analyzed to provide valuable, accurate information. And not just information about where a facility has been, but information about where it’s going to be. In this brave new world of healthcare, a better question might be: why WOULDN’T you choose simulation?


Healthcare problems are difficult to solve, and accounting for the numerous resources involved in caring for a patient just isn’t something that a spreadsheet is capable of doing. Simulation is the science of modeling complex sequences of events, and when it’s specifically adapted for healthcare facilities it can unify every aspect of healthcare management. And all this can be done in the easiest way possible, with drag-and-drop controls and an intuitive, patient-centered design.


Variance is the reason that a perfect patient arrival schedule rarely works out so perfectly, and variance is something that other solutions can’t account for. Simulation can, whether it’s variance in a process, a patient, or even a physician. Healthcare simulation does more than mimic your system — it uses real world data and/or statistical distributions to provide predictive analytics on any facet of a healthcare system. No assumptions, just highly accurate information.


We understand that many healthcare procedures can’t be sped up without endangering the patient or the physician. Simulation isn’t concerned with pure, unremorseful efficiency in a healthcare facility — it’s concerned with finding the best pace at which a healthcare system can operate most effectively and at the lowest reasonable cost. There’s always time for simulation in healthcare, as a model can help find previously unseen relationships and sources of delay that can be addressed to make your healthcare facility the best it can be.

3D Visuals

Maximum realism and accuracy

Simulation should be just as capable of being visually compelling as it is analytically compelling. FlexSim HC’s fully 3D visuals, using the latest OpenGL graphics, allow you to see exactly what’s going on in the model as its running. It’s much easier to compare results when you can visually see what’s happening to your simulated healthcare system.

The 3D visuals also create opportunities for communication and teamwork among all the stakeholders in patients’ outcomes. A simulation with accurate 3D models of the personnel, equipment, and furniture found in your healthcare facility is far more compelling than a simple chart. And when you combine the power of FlexSim HC with your favorite spreadsheet or database programs, anything is possible!

Patient Track

Familiar and effective

The patient drives all the activity in a real life healthcare setting, and the Patient Track Manager makes that behavior possible within a FlexSim HC model. You can create the list of activities and processes that have been assigned based on a patient’s acuity, diagnosis, and any other user-defined attributes.

Patients don’t “flow” like parts in a manufacturing plant; they aren’t pushed from one process to another. Instead, the Patient Track emulates the natural pull of human resources that come to the patient to provide service and guide them to the appropriate next step in their prescribed care process.

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