VisualComponents Training
Training for VisualComponents gives you the tools you need to create ever more interesting and in-depth models. The Flexcon/VisualComponents Training Program is designed to give you the opportunity to progress in your knowledge of VisualComponents and simulation.

There are 3 levels of VisualComponents training courses, held throughout the year at various locations: at our offices or directly at the customer site. Each course has a 50-50% balance between didactics and practical exercises.

Flexcon also offer customized training programs that combines our courses and in-field support to provide a quick and effective learning on real customer cases.

3DRealize and 3DRealizeR

3DRealize and 3DRealizeR Training familiarizes new users with the VisualComponents environment and helps users create and simulate production systems layout from the standard equipment eCat. Users who master this material become familiar with the basics of VisualComponents' layout realizing, simulation and presentation. It covers both 3DRealize and 3DRealizeR.

Topics covered include :

  • Introduction to simulation and the use of VisualComponents
  • First Steps with VisualComponents: user interface, data organization, view and object manipulation
  • Modeling with VisualComponents: layout creation and simulation tools
  • VisualComponents eCat: structure and management
  • Kinematics & Robotics : basic concepts, interaction and program creation
  • Layout creation concepts: Conveyor lines, Palletizing, Machine Tending

3DSimulate and 3DCreate

3DSimulate and 3DCreate Training introduces more advanced concepts, allowing the user to customize modeling logic and use VisualComponents' more advanced modeling tools. Users who master this training can create VisualComponents' fully customized layout creating its own components and managing a custom eCat.

Topics covered include :

  • Basic phyton and phytonscript coding
  • Component creation : working with geometries, interface and behaviours
  • Component implementation : conveyors, turning tables, component feeder and robots
  • Statics data collection and Reporting
  • Sensors and Signal
  • Advanced phyton programming

Custom training

VisualComponents Training is for users looking to get even more speed, power, and customization out of their models. Mastery of this material allows users to create much more advanced and expansive models. Hallmarks of this material are the ability to create new VisualComponents Objects and proficiency with VisualComponents add-ons.