Process simulation and optimization development

For organizations wishing to broadly deploy technology to assist functional staff in mid term planning and the balancing of service levels and costs, Flexcon has significant experience in building rule and simulation based applications and libraries. Flexcon simulation applications enable strategy and policy options testing; mid term planning and the balancing of service levels, delivery and costs without needing the user to be a simulation expert.

Custom objects

Many industries and companies have unique equipment specific to their needs. Often these machines can be simulated with FlexSim’s standard object library. In those cases where additional detail is required, custom objects can be created.

Custom objects can include unique behavior logic, 3D shapes and textures, as well as intricate animations to properly reproduce the look and behavior of the real system.

Library development

Often a business will have a set of several or many objects unique to their process. In this case, custom objects can be collected and packaged into a new object library. Custom FlexSim libraries give you the power and flexibility your business requires.

Libraries can be more than simply a collection of custom objects. They also allow manipulation of FlexSim’s overall look and feel, and underlying logic and behavior.

Libraries let users change FlexSim’s default interfaces, even allowing o be rebranded into your own internal simulator. This allows for ultimate customizability.

Application Development

In some cases, a company may need a custom simulation software package developed specifically for a single business purpose.

Our developers have years of experience developing discrete-event, continuous, distributed, and other types of simulation environments. If you need more than a general purpose simulator, and you want ultimate control over every aspect of your application, count on us.