What’s new in Visual Components 4.9

Introducing Visual Components 4.9 – Craft with clarity

The latest version of our manufacturing simulation and robot offline programming solution is here. Visual Components 4.9 improves clarity in production planning and optimization, making it easier to handle large projects.

What’s new?

  • Enhanced design and collaboration with sub-layouts
  • Expanded robot connectivity with Kawasaki and Yaskawa
  • New and redesigned OLP calibration tools
  • Simplified robotic assembly operations

For more details, contact Flexcon.

Design, organize, and collaborate with sub-layouts

Visual Components 4.9 introduces sub-layouts, allowing you to break down large factory layouts into smaller sections. This feature helps organize designs and manage projects with multiple stakeholders. Sub-layouts transform messy setups into tidy units, simplifying layout management and maintaining privacy when sharing designs.

Available in all Visual Components products.

Connect to Yaskawa and Kawasaki robots

This release enhances robot connectivity with plugins for Kawasaki and Yaskawa robots. These plugins simplify importing, simulating, and executing robot programs, closely mimicking real-world scenarios. This integration ensures systems are optimized and issues resolved before physical implementation, eliminating the need for multiple tools.

Supports ABB, Doosan, Fanuc, KUKA, Kawasaki, and Yaskawa robots. Available in Visual Components Premium and Premium OLP 4.9.

More intuitive robot calibration

Redesigned OLP calibration tools in Visual Components enhance precision in robotic programming. Intuitive interfaces and guided instructions help control the calibration process, reducing errors and streamlining the workflow. These tools ensure programmed motions accurately reflect real-life actions, minimizing troubleshooting time.

Available in OLP 4.9 products.

Faster and easier robotic assembly operations

The new release simplifies robotic assembly operations. New setup tools, including automated robot path generation and optimization, make configuring assembly tasks smoother. These tools support verification and validation of assembly sequences, ensuring planned actions are viable for real-world application.

Available in OLP 4.9 products.

Bringing clarity into manufacturing planning

Finally a release that helps users navigate modern manufacturing complexities. With improved layout management, expanded robot connectivity, redesigned calibration tools, and streamlined assembly operations, each feature enhances your ability to craft with clarity.

For a demonstration of how this update can benefit your operations, contact Flexcon today!

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