3D Production Simulation Software.
Simulation software is replacing the slow and rigid processes of the manufacturing industry with dynamic layout planning. Production simulation has developed considerably in the last decades and 3D simulation has been developing quickly in the last few years.

Today manufacturers are able to put together complex 3D simulations and accurate material flow calculations with a moderate level of technical expertise and, since the manufacturing industry mindset has changed, our gols is clear : make simulation the standard for process and production design.

Companies of any size can benefit from 3D simulation

3D production layout design is no longer a game of only few big players. We believe that accurate, detailed production simulations can be accessible and easy to use regardless of company size or simulation expertise. While, in the past, production layout design was in the hands of layout planning specialists, now anyone can use our solutions for the process development mainstream. Our clients and partners are usually stunned by what we can provide with our technology compared to anything they have been using before.

Selling a production line for a manufacturer is never a straightforward process. 3D simulation is also a sales acceleration tool. The value of simulation for a sales process is clear: customer commitment is reached in an earlier stage, competitive advantage is created and concept presentation is made substantially clearer. Looking forward, simulation technology is projected to be used in every industry sector. “3D simulation has much to offer no matter what the industry is. Often, companies are moving away from using 3D CAD when it comes to machine builders visualizing their solutions.”

Powerful but yet simple 3D simulation platforms

The simulation platforms we offer are fully configurable, scalable and user-friendly working environment. Our technologically advanced, 3D, fully open, customizable, object oriented simulation platform can to help to solve any complex process, technology and infrastructure related problem with graphic and data driven results for all type of commercial, governmental, education and industrial applications.

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Our products offer a wide range of comprehensive, simulation object libraries and sector specific modules and interfaces. Flexible and perfectly matched simulation objects give the user the ability to simply represent both simple and highly complex processes and systems, also integrated with external data source and third party systems. Without any limitation.

Flexcon distribute and works with two 3D simulation platfoms that covers all the process and system modelination needs, regardless it is for a Discrete Event or a Continue detailed Simulation.

FlexSim is a state-of-the-art 3D Discrete Event Simulation System that combines the power of a complex DES high level simulator with a stunning simplicity. His object oriented architecture offers a full modelization capability allowing to create any kind of equipments and re-use it with users libraries.

Visual Components is a high-performance 3D Platform with a fast continous simulation engine and open API that allow you to build your own simulation software. Visual Components comes with an comprehensive set of libraries that allow to quickly build and parametrize any kind of robotic and material handling layout.