Product support

Flexcon aims to make simulation technology and the answers it provides available to the broadest audience and ensure our customers are successful. Delivering industry leading support to users is a key component for achieving that vision.

Flexcon support packages cover four key areas:

  • Product – Regular product enhancements and maintenance releases
  • Support – Helpful support team offering assistance and advice
  • Learning – Various learning options to enhance user skills
  • Partnership – Counselling customer input and sharing plans & priorities

New Version Updates

Our products continue to listen and respond to customer feedback – developing new features and capabilities across its leading platforms and applications, empowering users, making them more efficient and better equipped to face the challenges and questions asked by modern businesses.

Customers subscribed to our maintenance and support plans receive the latest version of their software as soon as it becomes available, as well as a continuous technical support.

Support Services

Our technical support is not restricted to questions relating purely to the functionality of the software, but is intended to insure that our customers derive the maximum success from a simulation project.

An experienced consultant will always answer your call and wherever possible your questions will be answered immediately during office hours.

Support is available to all our supported customers through extended country services, to all our customers with a valid maintenance contract.

Flexcon Maintenance and Support package includes:

  • Phone technical support active from Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00, in every business day
  • 24/7 product portals offering guides, project tips and solutions
  • A specific single point of contact to provide software support and access to the Flexcon consultant team
  • A dedicated data exchange area where access specific customer patch and model’s fixes
  • Licensing & download delivery options for patches and updates