Healthcare Simulation

The simulation of healthcare processes is a complete discipline that makes a very complex organizational activity easy in a short time.
It is the ideal tool for a healthcare facility: a virtual and risk-free design environment in which a new system can be modeled and analyzed to obtain very accurate information, not only on existing facilities but, above all, on new projects and solutions. organization.

Benefits of Simulation in Healthcare

Healthcare Simulation defines how each particular system operates through patient flow and patient care business logic.
It focuses on resource utilization, system and hospital capacity and procedure capacity.
The animation illustrates the behavior of a system and its “problems” such as bottlenecks or peak conditions of patients and specific types of acuity.
Simulation models allow you to run experiments to verify the most effective way to achieve the best performance. By testing different “what-if” scenarios, optimization can help determine the most ideal way to get the best results.
Verify new ideas for the organization of activities and the layout of the system before investing the time and resources necessary to build or modify the current system.

Healthcare Digital Twin

Integrating the Lean Healthcare approach with a FlexSim HC digital twin of the process improve the accuracy of the project results thanks to a 3D simulation model in place of the actual Ms-Excel based tools.
Supports analysis skills in more sophisticated scenarios and introduce KPI driven parameter tuning techniques.
Use the FlexSim HC 3D Digital Twin to make more realistic and accurate Hospital design.

FlexSim Healthcare

FlexSim Healthcare (HC) is a simulation environment that allows you to analyze every aspect of patient flow and assess the impact of potential changes on the healthcare system through a patient-centered virtual platform.

  • The Patient Process Flow allows you to simulate the patient’s behavior and activities with a process diagram that describes the flow based on the acuity, diagnosis and characteristics of the care facility.
  • FlexSim HC has a wide range of analysis tools to help evaluate and improve processes.
  • The Dashboard contains pre-built and customizable charts that provide instant insights into patient waiting times, staff utilization and milestones of care.

FlexSim HC allows you to analyze all of the components to patient outcomes and evaluate the impact they have on your healthcare system. FlexSim HC help healthcare organizations to be as efficient as possible without the risk of real-world experiment