Hundreds of real-world solutions have taught Flexcon consultants exactly what it takes to turn a process improvement or business optimisation project into a success. When you work with our consultants you gain access to an unmatched array of resources that use proven best practices and a unique methodology to ensure that your solution meets your objectives and delivers real value.

What we offer

Flexcon provides a whole range of simulation consulting and development services, from as-needed consultation where you do most of the work, to partial model building where we can provide a piece of your overall model, all the way through complete system simulations.

Our unique strength in delivering successful simulation projects lies in our ability to apply advanced predictive technologies that achieve powerful and positive business benefits including :

  • Reducing operational costs
  • Improving throughput and optimizing capital investment
  • Bottleneck identification and resolution
  • Realization of best practice and improvement in service levels

Business and Development Platform

Flexcon primarily delivers software solution and services on Flexsim and Visual Components core engines.

Often Flexsim and Visual Components development and support is integrated with third party applications or development environment to extend simulation on :

  • Process data management
  • Reporting
  • Process optimization
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Agent Based Simulation
  • Digital Twin modelling
  • Virtual Commissioning
  • Process Data Management and modelization
  • Robotics

Flexcon also provides Project Management, Team Management and Business Project Analysis to support customer’s simulation activities.

Our consulting services include :


We provide consulting, development and training services on Simulation, Optimization, the Scheduling and Management of Processes of Manufacturing and Logistics Business.

Product Support

Flexcon aims to make simulation technology and the answers it provides available to the broadest audience and ensure our customers are successful.


Flexcon provides customizable training programs designed specifically for FlexSim and Visual Components simulation software.

Simulation and Modeling Consulting

Flexcon offers a full range of simulation consulting and development services.

Simulation Tools Development

For organizations wishing to broadly deploy technology to assist functional staff.