Flexcon provides development and consulting services related to simulation, scheduling, optimization and Manufacturing Business Process Management.

With the qualify of Flexsim Distributor, Flexcon supports and provides services on FlexSim™ Simulation Software products in all the Italian territories and Italian-speaking Switzerland.

With the qualify of Visual Components Distributor, Flexcon supports and provides services on Visual Components™ and Visual Components™ OLP products in all the Italian territories.

Flexcon was founded on 2006 from a team of simulation and software development engineers, as one of the young and innovative companies directly supported in the enterprise development program of I3P, the business incubator of Politecnico di Torino.


Deliver High level solutions on our core business: we merge applications, professional competence, know-how in the process design and simulation, in the process data and parameters management for manufacturing, material handling and logistics processes manufacturing and logistics advanced simulation. 

Complement Design, Manufacturing and Logistics processes delivering projects on simulation systems for layout design and validation, optimization and scheduling for goods production, delivering and management.

International partnerships to support our customer with leading-edge software solutions.