Visual Components OLP

The next generation offline robot programming software based on the powerful technology of Delfoi Robotics. Maximize the potential of your robots with fast, accurate and error-free programming solution.

Visual Components offline programming (OLP) software represent the most advanced offline programming technology available today. The software is unique where time, money and quality counts:

  • Fast and easy: programming and trajectory/program editing
  • Quality control: accurate and smooth trajectories
  • Accurate tool paths: advanced calibration tools and trajectory management
  • One for all: support for all major robot brands; ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Motoman, Panasonic,…

Visual Components OLP supports all major robot brands.  The benchmark winning software is used for various industries including automotive, heavy machinery, aerospace, construction steel, and ship building all over the world.

Visual Components OLP is built using Visual Components proven simulation technology platform.

All-In-One OLP Software

Arc and Laser Welding

Visualcomponents OLP is a fast and intuitive solution for arc welding. It uses the 3D CAD model topology and with its own WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) database, creates accurate, error-free, homogeneous and high-quality welding.

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Spot Welding

Visualcomponents OLP is a parametric and feature-based offline programming software for spot welding application for all major robot brands.

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Cutting and Finishing

Visualcomponents OLP generates the robot program by automatically recognizing CAD features and comes with a customizable tool library. It supports a wide range of robot applications, including deburring, finishing, laser and plasma cutting.

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Surface Processing

Visualcomponents OLP simulate and programs  robots used in surface treatment processes such as polishing, sanding, grinding and spray coating. Offline Simulation and visual analysis of the robot program saves time and significantly reduces commissionig costs.

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Painting and Coating

Visualcomponents OLP programs the painting robots directly from the 3D CAD model topology, precisely simulates the thickness of the painting layer, and allows the creation of a regular and accurate painting program.

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Robot brand agnostic

17 Post Processors and more to be added in the future

40+ Robot Controller versions

Freedom for future investments in any Robot brand

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