Flexcon provides customizable training programs designed specifically for FlexSim and Visual Components simulation software. A modular approach empowers you to tailor your learning to your exact needs, maximizing the value you gain from your investment in simulation technology.

Flexcon Training Programs go beyond just software functionality, offering the invaluable opportunity to learn directly from our simulation experts. Delivered through state-of-the-art web conferencing platforms, these live classes foster a collaborative learning environment for small groups.

Flexcon caters to your training needs, regardless of team size. Choose from regularly scheduled public group sessions or invest in a dedicated class booked exclusively for your organization. This flexibility ensures you receive the most appropriate training experience.

As the users progress beyond the core training content  we offer application training which goes in depth into less frequently used and specialized features of our software solutions. This comprehensive approach empowers you to continuously expand your expertise and unlock the full potential of FlexSim and Visual Components.

All courses include interactive practical exercises which form a significant part of our advanced training programs.

Flexsim Training

Master FlexSim with our comprehensive training program. Choose from three modular online courses offered year-round, or opt for dedicated on-site or in-office training.

FlexSim Core Training provides a foundational learning experience for new users, available in both public and private formats. Advanced users can delve deeper with FlexSim Application and Platform Training, offered exclusively as personalized sessions for your team (max 3 attendees) with real-world case studies for practical application.

Actively participate in at least 80% of the training to earn your certificate of attendance.

Visual Components Training

Training for Visual Components give you the tools you need to create and simulate your 3D layouts, starting from an concept idea up to delivery detailed 3D outputs and performance analysis of your solutions. The Flexcon Training Program is designed to give you a comprehensive knowledge of the tools and functionalities that will alloy you to discover and use the power of Visual Components.