3D software solutions and simulation modeling

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Simulation platforms

We distribute and work with three 3D high performance simulation platforms that covers all the process and system modeling needs, regardless it is for a Discrete Event, Agent Based or a Continuous Simulation.

The most powerful, capable, and easy-to-use 3D simulation software. FlexSim lets you model and improve existing and proposed systems.
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Simple. Visual. Powerful. Design and validate new production solutions confidently, with Visual Components 3D manufacturing simulation software
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Delfoi Robotics offline programming (OLP) software represent the most advanced offline programming technology available today.
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We provide products and services for the simulation of manufacturing and logistics processes. We develop applications in material handling, manufacturing, healthcare, warehousing, mining processes and logistics.


We provide products and services for the simulation of manufacturing and logistics processes.

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Material Handling

Material Handling Systems utilize resources to move entities from one location to another.

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Logistics is a challenging and important activity because it serves as an integrating or boundary spanning function.

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Optimization Planning & Scheduling

Simulation Optimization is providing solutions to important practical problems previously beyond reach.

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FlexSim HC allows you to analyze all of the components to patient outcomes and evaluate the impact they have on your healthcare system.

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We provide consulting, development and training services on Simulation, Optimization, the Scheduling and Management of Processes of Manufacturing and Logistics Business.


Flexcon training program is a set of modular courses focused on each part the software platform.

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Product support

Flexcon aims to make simulation technology and the answers it provides available to the broadest audience and ensure our customers are successful.

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Process simulation and optimization development

For organizations wishing to broadly deploy technology to assist functional staff.

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Simulation consulting and modeling service

Flexcon offers a full range of simulation consulting and development services.

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About us

Flexcon has been founded on 2006 from a team of process simulation and software development engineers, it has been one of the young and innovative companies directly supported on the enterprise development program of I3P, the business incubator of Politecnico di Torino.

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