Delfoi Robotics offline programming

Delfoi Robotics offline programming (OLP) software represent the most advanced offline programming technology available today. The software is unique where time, money and quality counts:

  • Fast and easy: programming and trajectory/program editing
  • Quality control: accurate and smooth trajectories
  • Accurate tool paths: advanced calibration tools and trajectory management
  • One for all: support for all major robot brands; ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Motoman, Panasonic,…

The Delfoi Robotics product range Delfoi ARC, Delfoi SPOT, Delfoi CUT, Delfoi SURF-X and Delfoi PAINT, covers comprehensive areas in industrial robotics applications, and guarantees leading solutions to meet the needs of every company, thanks to software expertise that has been developed over three decades of intensive development and professional experience.

The software support all major robot brands.  The benchmark winning software is used for various industries including automotive, heavy machinery, aerospace, construction steel, and ship building all over the world.

Delfoi Robotics software suite utilizes proven simulation technology platform provided by Visual Components.


Delfoi Arc

Arc Welding and Laser Welding

Delfoi Arc is a parametric and feature-based offline programming software for arc welding and laser welding applications for all major robot brands.

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Delfoi Spot

Spot Welding

Delfoi Spot is a parametric and feature-based offline programming software for spot welding application for all major robot brands.

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Delfoi Cut

Cutting and Finishing

Delfoi Cut is an offline programming software for 3D cutting and finishing processes, like water jet cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting and mechanical cutting and deburring.

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Delfoi Surf-X

Surface Processing

Delfoi Surf-X is a software for various robotized surface processing tasks, like polishing, buffing, sanding, grinding, and coating.

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Delfoi Paint

Painting and Coating

Delfoi Paint is a software designed for the programming of painting and coating applications using robots.

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Delfoi Robotics


Delfoi has delivered over 500 robot offline programming solutions worldwide. Read more about our customers projects here.

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Design the factories of the future

Simple. Visual. Powerful. Design and validate new production solutions confidently, with Visual Components 3D manufacturing simulation software.

The next generation of 3D manufacturing simulation technology. Designed for manufacturing professionals and built on a powerful, flexible, and scalable platform. Visual Component’s mission is to set the standard in production simulation.

Visual Component’s vision is to provide the best product on the market and shape the future of simulation technology for others to follow.

Visual Components’ 3D manufacturing simulation solutions are trusted by hundreds of organizations worldwide to support critical planning and decision-making processes.

As a leading developer of 3D manufacturing simulation technologies, Visual Components continues to be at the forefront of Industry 4.0 and its applications.

Whether you’re looking for a tool to quickly design and present production solutions, or a platform to power your offline programming applications, we’ve got you covered.


Find the right product for your application

Whether you’re looking for a tool to quickly design and present production solutions, or a platform to power your offline programming applications, we’ve got you covered. Check out our family of 3D manufacturing simulation products.


Visual Components Essentials is the core manufacturing simulation product. Design, build, and simulate your factory of the future using ready-made components.

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Visual Components Professional is the component creation solution. Define and create your own components to simulate in the 3D world. It includes everything in Essentials and gives you the tools to model and create your own components.

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Virtualize your factory with Visual Components Premium, the complete manufacturing simulation solution. It includes everything in Essentials and Professional, plus more features for advanced robotics and virtual commissioning applications.

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Essentials Professional Premium
3D Layout Configuration
Configure layouts quickly by using simple drag-and-drop & plug-and-play features. Use your CAD data or our free eCatalog with hundreds of ready-made models.
Process Modeling
Define and manage the products, processes, and process flows in your layouts with simple, easy, and visual workflows.
Use our eCatalog with over 2,500 pre-defined and ready-to-use components from leading industrial automation brands to create production simulations.
CAD File import
Import CAD models directly into the Visual Components 3D world. Most major file formats and extensions are supported.
Import 2D Drawings
Import 2D drawings of your current layouts into the 3D world and set up your simulations on top.
CAD Attribute Reader
CAD Attribute Reader reads the attributes of 2D CAD drawings and generates 3D models based on the properties. The supported formats are Autodesk DWG and DXF files.
Point Cloud
Import point cloud models of your facilities directly into the 3D world and configure layouts inside them.
Create, modify, and visualize custom simulation data in the statistics dashboard.
PLC Connectivity
Connect simulations with your control system using platform-independent OPC-UA or supported vendor-specific interfaces.
Simple Robotics
Define, model, and program your robot behavior with simple and easy-to-use robot teaching tools.
Sales Content Creation
checkmark checkmark checkmark Easily create and export your 3D simulations as high-quality images and videos up 4K quality, as interactive 3D PDFs or 2D drawings with BoM.
VC Experience
Share and experience the simulations in virtual reality or on your smartphones.
Component Modeling
Bring your CAD files to life and customize them with behaviors and properties to build your personalized library of components.
Pre-Built Wizards
checkmark checkmark Activate CAD files for the 3D world faster with pre-built wizards that automate configuration for many component types.
Basic Solid Geometry
Create simple 3D geometries and modify imported CAD files with this basic CAD modeling toolkit.
Geometry Simplification
Reduce file sizes and improve simulation performance with the automated geometry simplification tool.
Fanuc Robot Connectivity
Connect your simulations with Fanuc robot controllers directly through Visual Components. Visualize digital twins and carry out virtual commissioning with more accurate cycle times and robot paths.
Siemens S7 – PLC Connectivity
Connect your simulations and communicate with physical S7-1200 controllers and S7-PLCSIM at faster speeds.
WinMOD and SIMIT Connectivity
Test your simulations with several industrial controllers through connections with real-time behavioral simulation software – WinMOD and SIMIT.
Geometrical CAD data for Robot Paths
checkmark Create well-structured data of geometry surfaces, curves, and curve loops from imported CAD files and develop custom robot paths for different applications.
Path Statements
Quickly teach and simulate paths of positions with robots for applications like robot welding, machine tending, paint, and water jet operations, sealing, and cutting.
Paint Process Visualization
Visualize the application of paint on surfaces and measure coat thickness.
VRC Connectivity for UR and Stäubli
checkmark Connect to Universal Robot and Stäubli CS8, and CS9 controllers to create/modify robot programs and verify cycle times.
Interactive VR
Dive into your simulations in Virtual Reality and interact with different elements in the layout.
VR/3D Conferencing
Interact with your teams/customers inside a real-time virtual environment and finalize the simulations remotely using our VR/3D conferencing partner solutions.

Other Products

Visual Components Experience

Experience 3D simulations you’ve designed with Visual Components on mobile and in virtual reality.

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VR and 3D Conferencing Partners

Take your project collaboration to the next level and improve your delivery times in a risk-free virtual environment.

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NVIDIA Omniverse

Introducing Visual Components Connector for NVIDIA Omniverse.

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3D Simulation

FlexSim is a powerful yet easy-to-use software package for material handling simulation modeling. A fast and accurate simulation engine is hidden behind drag and drop controls, drop-down lists, and many other intuitive features that make it accessible for anyone to build a model. All simulation models are created to scale and are presented using 3D visuals, so it becomes easy to view and recognize bottlenecks in the production line or other deficiencies within the system.

FlexSim also gives decision makers the data to confirm their observations, with impressive data reporting and analysis built right into the software.

FlexSim lets you model, and improve, existing and proposed systems. FlexSim comes with all the proven benefits of discrete, event simulation, but with the added bonus of highly realistic, immersive 3D graphics. FlexSim’s 3D models help you emulate the look and feel of the real system, so it’s easier to see and understand what’s going on.

FlexSim comes with all the proven benefits of discrete-event simulation but with the added bonus of highly realistic, immersive 3D graphics. FlexSim’s 3D models help you emulate the look and feel of the real system, so it’s easier to see and understand what’s going on.

Model Layout

FlexSim makes it as easy as possible to replicate the look of your system while preserving the details necessary for accurate analysis. Just use the simple drag-and-drop controls to place objects and resources directly into the 3D environment—no post-processing needed!

Our 3-axis layout and CAD drawing import help you maintain the exact spatial relationships in the actual system, so travel and transport times will be accurate.

Import custom 3D objects to replicate the look and feel of the actual system. Plus all realistic visual effects, like shadows and lighting effects, are ready to go by default.

Model Building

FlexSim toes the line between ease-of-use and capability to model even the most complex systems.

The Standard Object Library contains a variety of objects that be used to immediately build models. Customization is simple—just choose from the preconfigured behaviors, mix-and-match options, and even create your own behaviors.

A wide range of drop-down lists and properties will allow you to quickly customize individual objects, triggers, and system properties. Simply check a box or choose a “picklist” option, and your resource will gain the logic and behavior to emulate any real-world situation.

Process Flow is one of our latest tools and a real game-changer. Use pre-built activity blocks to build basic or complex logic in a familiar flowcharting environment. It keeps the logic in one convenient place and scales well with any model as it changes and evolves.

Visual Validation

The first level of model validation, where you visually confirm that the system is working—or not working—as it was intended to.

  • Model a real system in our native 3D virtual environment.
  • Account for real-world variability with a vast array of statistical distributions and random numbers.
  • Run simulation to test “what if” scenarios—without needing to change things in the real world.

Additional Customization

FlexSim comes with a powerful scripting language, FlexScript; this C-like language is the gateway to hundreds of modeling commands that will allow you to write simple expressions that do incredible things. FlexSim was also designed with an open architecture that fully integrates with C++, so it can be extended to do almost anything.

Distribution Fitting

FlexSim comes packaged with ExpertFit, the industry standard in distribution-fitting software.

ExpertFit will take the data you’ve collected in the real world and accurately determine which probability distribution best represents the data. It comes with 40 distributions and four goodness-of-fit tests.

Model Analysis

Once you’re ready to simulation using your model, our full suite of analysis features will help you get a deeper understanding of what’s going on.

  • A deep roster of charts and graphs to help you visualize data from a simulation run.
  • The ability to track a wide range of data points and then export to your favorite spreadsheet application.
  • Greater flexibility for data gathering through powerful tools like the Stats Collector object and Zone activity.


Test “what if” scenarios to find the best possible choices to make in the real world.

Test Multiple Scenarios

Use our powerful Experimenter tool to test multiple scenarios and compare the results. Replications are spread over your CPU cores, so hundreds of simulated replications across many different scenarios can be completed in minutes—not hours or days. The Experimenter also includes report generation and control over variables and performance measures.

FlexSim + OptQuest

If you want to add optimization to your toolkit, FlexSim is fully integrated with the OptQuest engine. This powerful scenario optimization package lets you set variables and constraints on your model to evaluate hundreds of possible solutions. You can even design experiments with multiple objectives to consider competing forces in the system. Find the best possible solution for your process with FlexSim and OptQuest.

FlexSim + Industry 4.0

FlexSim is leading the way in many of the vital areas of Industry 4.0. Our industry leading 3D simulation modeling and analysis software is a strong foundation to support your digital transformation. Let FlexSim be your ally as you seek to improve all areas of your production process.

How does FlexSim fit in with the Pillars of Industry 4.0?


Simulation modeling allows you to develop a computer model of your real-world facility, and then use that model to simulate its operations over time. These insights are invaluable—you can answer important “what if” questions about the system without disruption. Learn more about FlexSim’s 3D simulation software.

Digital Twin (System Integration)

Industry 4.0 is focused on improving connectivity between systems in a production environment. The digital twin bridges the gap between the physical and digital world. This virtual model is based on the current state of the system, evaluates the system’s future possibilities, and then reports back to the real-world system to make optimized business decisions. Learn more about FlexSim’s digital twin solutions.

PLC Emulation (Virtual Commissioning)

FlexSim’s PLC emulation capabilities add a new level of understanding to your production facility and its autonomous systems. Our technology can be used to draft, test, and validate the PLC logic that runs your production systems, so your systems can be altered (and proven) to operate more efficiently. Learn more about FlexSim’s PLC emulation capabilities.

Cloud Computing

The need to run and analyze simulation models in the cloud will only continue to rise as companies require more powerful and scalable computing options. FlexSim fits in this space in two major ways: (1) being able to run simulation models in the cloud using our web server technology, and (2) being able to use distributed CPUs for running many simulation replications. Watch a video about our distributed CPU feature.

Extended Reality (VR and AR)

FlexSim has offered strong support for virtual reality since its inception as a widely used technology in industry, and we’ve continually evaluated the emerging augmented reality sector to see how to best integrate it into our solution. With potential uses in communication, training, maintenance, and more, FlexSim will continue to support extended reality.

Big Data + Data Analytics

The data generated by FlexSim’s solutions show where a system will be in the future, and even what it could be under a different set of circumstances. This data, used in a broader predictive analytics strategy, is the competitive edge that companies need in an increasingly competitive environment. Interested in getting more use from the data you’ve already collected? Import it into a FlexSim simulation model for additional analysis.



FlexSim General Purpose is the most powerful, capable, and easy-to-use 3D simulation software. FlexSim lets you model, and improve, existing and proposed systems.

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The most powerful, comprehensive, and easy-to-use simulation environment designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by today’s Healthcare facilities.

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