FlexSim Training

The complete FlexSim Training Program is a comprehensive curriculum delivered in three modular units. These sessions are typically conducted online throughout the year, offering maximum flexibility.  For those seeking alternative options, we can also host training at our offices or directly on-site at your location.

FlexSim Core Training is the foundational course and it is available in two formats:

  • Public Training: Open to any new FlexSim user, these online sessions are held quarterly in Italian.
  • Dedicated Training: This customizable option allows companies to train their employees privately. Training is tailored to specific needs and can be conducted online, at our offices, or on-site at your location.

FlexSim Application Training and FlexSim Platform Training are designed for users with a solid understanding of core functionalities. These in-depth courses are offered exclusively as dedicated training for your team. With a maximum of three attendees, these sessions provide a highly personalized learning experience.  The curriculum is tailored to your specific needs and incorporates real-world customer case studies for practical application.

Attendance Certificates: Participants who actively engage in the training by attending at least 80% of the sessions will be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance.