Training for FlexSim Simulation Software gives you the tools you need to create ever more interesting and in-depth models. The Flexcon/FlexSim Training Program is designed to give you the opportunity to progress in your knowledge of FlexSim and simulation, using both web-based content and interaction with out employees.

There are 3 levels of FlexSim training courses, held throughout the year at various locations: at our offices or directly at the customer site. Each course has a 50-50% balance between didactics and practical exercises.

Flexcon also offer customized training programs that combines our courses and in-field support to provide a quick and effective learning on real customer cases.

FlexSim Basics

FlexSim Basics Training familiarizes new users with the FlexSim environment and helps users create models with FlexSim’s built-in dropdown menus and editable text fields. Users who master this material become familiar with the basics of building and navigating FlexSim models.

Topics covered include :

  • Introduction to simulation and the use of FlexSim
  • Modeling with FlexSim: operational steps in the creation of a model
  • FlexSim object’ s classes and standard libraries
  • FlexSim modelling tools and concepts
  • Flexsim Hierarchy Tree
  • Introduction to programming languages: FlexScript, C++

FlexSim Intermediate

FlexSim Intermediate Training introduces more advanced concepts, allowing the user to customize modeling logic and use FlexSim’s more advanced modeling tools. Users who master this material can write their own model behavior in C++ or Flexscript and create more abstract simulation models.

Topics covered include :

  • Advanced coding with Flexscript
  • Advanced interfacing of Excel with FlexSim Models
  • Working with the BasicConveyor object
  • Abstract manipulation of TaskSequences and TaskExecuter objects
  • Statistical analysis and scenario manipulation with the Experimenter and ExpertFit
  • Custom object animations with kinematics
  • Model re-usability and organization with User Libraries and custom object groups
  • Introduction to FlexSim advanced concepts: Custom Object Creation, GUI development

Custom training

FlexSim Custom Training is for users looking to get even more speed, power, and customization out of their models. Mastery of this material allows users to create much more advanced and expansive models. Hallmarks of this material are the ability to create new FlexSim Objects and proficiency with FlexSim’s modeling languages.

The list of topics, depend on the customer’ s request, often includes :

  • FlexSim DLL advanced C++ programming
  • Modules creation and management
  • Standard object’ s creation
  • FlexSim application and library development

FlexSim module training

FlexSim extends his already broad capabilities with modules, special plug-in that provides additional features on top of the standard simulation environment.

The list of common topics includes :

  • FlexSim AGV Module
  • FlexSim ASTAR
  • FlexSim Advanced Conveyors