Workshop Recap: leveraging Digital Twins for business sustainability

SPS exhibition digital twin with process simulation software

On the last day of SPS in Parma, Italy, Flexcon organized a workshop on the topic of Digital Twin in business sustainability. The workshop was held by our experts Alessio Merlo and Luciano Cavallero.
The workshop provided valuable insights into the use of Digital Twin for sustainable industrial practices through the aid of process simulation.

As a renowned provider of simulation solutions for industrial automation and digitization, Flexcon proudly participated with its own booth as part of the District 4.0. The area specifically dedicated to innovation in industry.
In addition, on the last day of the fair it organized a workshop on the topic of “Digital Twin in business sustainability”.

The agenda was busy and intense, but full of engaging sessions aimed at unveiling the transformational potential of digital twins in promoting sustainable business growth. Here is a summary of its highlights:

3:00 PM Flexcon presents itself: To kick off the workshop, Flexcon showcased its range of innovative products and services, emphasizing its expertise in simulations, programming, and process optimization tailored to the evolving needs of modern industries.

3:10 PMUnlocking sustainability with Visual Components: Visual Components took the stage to illustrate how its advanced 3D simulation platform enables businesses to create dynamic Digital Twin, facilitating virtual commissioning and layout optimization to drive sustainability initiatives.

3:25 PM Sustainability pioneering with FlexSim: Flexcon presented FlexSim, a pioneer in simulation software, with its groundbreaking solutions for virtual commissioning and energy consumption analysis, demonstrating how Digital Twin mitigates risks and optimize resource utilization in industrial operations.

3:40 PMQ&A session: The workshop concluded with an interactive question and answer session, providing participants with the opportunity to delve into the nuances of Digital Twins and gain insights from industry experts and cases.

During this event, we explored how 3D simulation platforms can facilitate the creation of dynamic 3D digital models. Clear intuitive visualization are enriched with charts that explore all variables and what-if analyses, enabling companies to conduct virtual commissioning and optimize layouts to support sustainability initiatives.

Furthermore, we delved into the concept of process virtualization, highlighting how it can reduce resource consumption and accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices. Case studies of energy optimization and supply chain digitalization also demonstrted how these technologies can mitigate risks and optimize resource deployment in industrial operations.

A focal point was the discussion on the role of the digital twin in promoting a corporate culture geared toward responsibility, emphasizing on how the adoption of these technologies can lead to tangible benefits in terms of cost reduction and at the same time of positive environmental impact. In conclusion, the workshop highlighted the transformational potential of the digital twin in shaping the future of industry toward more sustainable and conscious practices.

Flexcon extends its gratitude to all prticipants, partners, and the Messe Frankfurt Group for their contribution in making this event a resounding success. Looking ahead, we continue to harness the power of technology to build a more sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.

See you next year @ SPS in Parma!

About Flexcon: Flexcon is a recognized leader in industrial automation and digitization. We provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the future of industry. Flexcon commits to meeting customer needs and driving progress in automation and digitization. With a focus on quality, reliability and innovation.

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