Simulation for innovation and sustainable industries: key takeaways from our participation in SPS Italia 2024

Flexcon’s participation in the twelfth edition of SPS Italia 2024 provided an exceptional opportunity to engage with cutting-edge industrial technologies. The fair attracted a large audience and numerous companies, emphasizing the growing focus on innovation and sustainability—central themes for the future of the Italian manufacturing sector.

A key event for smart and sustainable industry

SPS Italia 2024 reaffirmed its role as a benchmark for industrial automation and digitalization, showcasing emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IIoT, robotics, mechatronics, and additive manufacturing. Flexcon’s participation allowed us to explore the latest innovations and connect with other industry players, facilitating a productive exchange of ideas and best practices.

During our days as exhibitors at the trade show, discussions on the Transition Plan 5.0 highlighted how adopting digital assets can lead to reduced consumption and more sustainable, competitive production. This aligns perfectly with our mission to promote advanced technological solutions for improving the efficiency and sustainability of factories and warehouses.

The crucial role of simulation in industrial processes

A key takeaway from our participation was the recognition of the value of simulation in factory, logistics, and warehouse processes. Simulation is a fundamental tool for addressing sustainability and operational efficiency challenges. Simulation technologies enable the modeling and optimization of production processes, reducing waste and energy consumption, and ensuring efficient resource management.

For example, using digital twins and advanced simulation models allows for predicting and resolving problems before they occur in reality, enhancing the resilience and flexibility of operations. This approach is crucial for companies aiming to maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing market.

Training and skills for the industry of the future

Another critical aspect from SPS Italia is the importance of training and skills development. The education area, where students and professionals interacted with the technologies, highlighted the need to invest in new generations. Only with a properly trained workforce can Industry 4.0 and 5.0 reach its full potential.

Flexcon is committed to implementing innovative technological solutions and supporting the continuous training of its employees and partners. We believe that enterprises can achieve satisfactory and truly sustainable growth only through the constant upgrading of skills and the promotion of a culture of innovation.

Our experience at SPS Italia 2024 was extremely positive and confirmed the importance of participating in such top-tier events. Attending allows us to actively contribute to discussions on innovation and sustainability in the industrial sector.

About Flexcon: Flexcon firmly believes that simulation of industrial processes is key to meeting future challenges, promoting more sustainable, efficient and competitive production.
With this in mind, Flexcon has taken it upon itself over the years to delve into the most pressing issues for our customers, such as:

  • Constant research and development to implement the most advanced technological solutions
  • Improving corporate sustainability
  • Digital twin
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Skills development

If you are interested in learning more about these topics, we recommend that you download Position Paper 2024 by the SPS Italy Scientific Committee at this link.

For further information and updates on our projects and products, please contact:

Flexcon Booth at SPS ITALIA 2024
Flexcon Booth at SPS ITALIA 2024
Flexcon's demo at Booth at SPS ITALIA 2024
Flexcon’s demo at our Booth.
Flexcon's demo at Booth at SPS ITALIA 2024
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